Integrity holdouts


AUG 25, 2022

Testing product and safety features is an important part of improving our platform and something that’s standard in tech and many other industries. It helps us build the tools to reduce the prevalence of hate speech and other types of problematic content on our platform.

Through this testing we designate a small subset of content that violates our Community Standards to “hold out” from immediate enforcement. These holdouts provide a way to understand the impact of our integrity efforts while giving a baseline to compare where an action has been taken and where it has not.

While holdouts provide us with critical insights that inform our enforcement efforts, the safety of the community is prioritized. To do so, we still enforce on any content that is held out in this way - after a brief delay of up to but not more than 7 days - this allows us to collect the data we need to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. Enforcement on severe content violations, such as child exploitative imagery, is never delayed as a part of these holdouts.

Holdouts are an important tool for enabling measurement of changes in enforcement, understanding how our enforcement efforts are helping reduce prevalence and helping us prioritize our Integrity investments where they have the biggest impact.