Helping reviewers make the right calls


APR 29, 2024

Review teams base their decisions on the detailed policies set out in the Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines. In theory, 2 reviewers reviewing the same posts would always make the same decision, but judgments can also vary if policies are not sufficiently prescriptive.

This is why Meta strives to make our policies as clear and comprehensive as possible. To help with this, a sample of reviewer decisions are audited on a regular basis to ensure we’re consistently applying our policies or identifying areas where there may be policy gaps. We’ve also implemented a tool, which is designed to facilitate feedback from reviewers on policy, tooling and other improvement ideas.

Resilience and well-being resources for review teams

In order for our reviewers to apply our policies accurately, they must also focus on their resilience and well-being. Here are some support resources available to them:


Review teams working with content that may be objectionable and/or graphic have access to resilience programs. Our team of clinical psychologists consult with our vendor partners, and with our vendor-partner’s own well-being teams, to offer an overall strategic framework and ensure these resilience programs are industry-leading.


In the review tool, we built a suite of well-being options designed to help reviewers, which include the ability to mute videos and blur images or have them appear in black and white.


Reviewers have access to mental health resources, including trained, onsite professionals offering individual and group support sessions. Reviewers also have access to a 24-hour emergency support line.


We know reviewers deal with a number of serious issues, so we work with some of the best partners in the industry to ensure their work environment is supportive and conducive to their well-being.

Content review can be challenging work. Keeping people safe online sometimes means review teams have to look at content that may be objectionable or graphic. We respect the difficulty of this work and want to make sure that reviewers have access to all the resources they need to do their job and safeguard their health.