Sharing results: Community Standards Enforcement Report


JAN 19, 2022

The Community Standards Enforcement Report measures how Meta is enforcing the Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines. Published quarterly, the report details our content enforcement from one quarter to another. It also showcases rising trends across various content and policy areas.

Why we publish the Community Standards Enforcement Report—and how it keeps us accountable

A variety of teams at Meta contribute to the publication of the report each quarter, including Content Policy, Integrity and Global Operations. This report is an important piece of our collective efforts toward transparency for a number of reasons:

  • It tracks our progress.

  • It keeps us accountable.

  • It pushes us to improve more quickly.

  • It offers people visibility into how we enforce our policies.

  • It gives people access to the same data we use to measure our progress internally.

The Community Standards Enforcement Report is a type of data transparency reporting that allows people, both inside and outside of Meta, to review our enforcement decisions and judge our performance. This includes how well our enforcement technology can detect and take action on violating content and the fairness and accuracy of review team decisions.

The report also demonstrates how we continually invest in technology and people to reduce harm and promote safety—all while balancing freedom of expression. Over time, we’ve added more categories and subsets of data that we share with the public, and we’ll continue to do so moving forward.

What the Community Standards Enforcement Report measures

We use 5 metrics to tell the story of what we're doing to uphold our Community Standards and Community Guidelines. They include:


Estimates the percentage of times people see violating content on the Facebook app and Instagram.

Content actioned

The number of pieces of content (like posts, photos, videos or comments) we take action on for violating our policies.

Proactive rate

A percentage of all content or accounts acted on that we found and flagged before people reported them to us.

Appealed content

The number of pieces of content that people appealed after we took action on them for violating our policies.

Restored content

The number of pieces of content we restored after originally taking action on them.