Building an inclusive stakeholder base


JAN 18, 2023

Inclusivity is at the heart of Meta's mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. For this mission to be realized, our policies need to represent the variety of perspectives shared by our global community.

Inclusivity is one of Facebook's core principles for stakeholder engagement. We recognize the fundamental value of embedding an inclusive approach in our work. Inclusivity in our policy-making helps us balance our policies between the priorities of safety and voice for everyone. One of the crucial ways we do this is by identifying groups that may be on the margins of society and bringing them into the center of our policy-making process through focused effort. We understand that this process also helps us build trust with our broad and diverse community and ensures that our policies are more representative of the communities who use our platforms.

Inclusivity for Meta is a systematic process that we have embedded into our stakeholder engagement work. This process means the conscious and consistent integration of the following three inclusivity values across our policy development efforts.


We recognize that there is an unequal distribution of power between Meta and external stakeholders. We work to ensure that all identified stakeholders are invited to contribute to the development of our Community Standards.

We are particularly sensitive to vulnerable communities using our platforms, which is why our Stakeholder Engagement team seeks to bring their voices into the heart of our policy-making process.


We proactively identify a diverse range of potentially affected stakeholders for our engagements, both in terms of background and opinion. We continually seek to broaden the spectrum of the stakeholders with whom we engage.

Identifying who we should engage with is often a challenge – particularly in the case of emerging policy issues. This is why we continuously work with internal teams, experts, and existing partners to identify new stakeholders to help us evolve in tandem with the issues facing global communities.


We recognise that each of our stakeholders has different needs. These needs may be technical (e.g., access to high-speed internet), linguistic (e.g., ability to carry out engagements in second or third languages), and knowledge-based (e.g., detailed understanding of Facebook's Community Standards). We build flexible strategies to address these needs in our engagement and meet stakeholders where they are, ensuring that they can participate meaningfully.