Our Approach to Political Content


FEB 9, 2024

We want you to have a valuable experience when you use Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, which is why we use AI systems to personalize the content you see based on the choices you make. People have told us they want to see less political content, so we have spent the last few years refining our approach on Facebook to reduce the amount of political content – including from politicians’ accounts – you see in Feed, Reels, Watch, Groups You Should Join, and Pages You May Like. We’ve recently extended this approach in Reels, Explore and In-Feed Recommendations on Instagram and Threads, too.

As part of this, we aim to avoid making recommendations that could be about politics or political issues, in line with our approach of not recommending certain types of content to those who don’t wish to see it.

At the same time, we’re preserving your ability to find and interact with political content that’s meaningful to you if that’s what you’re interested in on Facebook Feed. When ranking political content in Facebook Feed, our AI systems consider personalized signals, like survey responses, that help us understand what is informative, meaningful, or worth your time. We also consider how likely people are to provide us with negative feedback on posts about political issues when they appear in Facebook Feed. We’ve shifted away from ranking political content in Facebook Feed based on engagement signals – such as how likely you are to comment on or share content – since we’ve found that they are not reliable indicators that the content is valuable to someone.

In addition, you can personalize what you see on Facebook through customization tools we offer in your Feed Preferences and directly in places like your Feed. You can provide direct feedback on a post by selecting Show more or Show less and use Reduce to adjust the degree to which we demote some content. If you don’t want AI systems to personalize your Feed at all, you can use the Feeds tab, which will rank posts chronologically. You can also add people to your Favorites list so you always see content from your favorite accounts.