Taking down violating content


FEB 22, 2023

If your content goes against the Facebook Community Standards or Instagram Community Guidelines, Meta will remove it. We'll also notify you so you can understand why we removed the content and how to avoid posting violating content in the future.

We use a strike system to count violations and hold you accountable for the content you post. Depending on which policy your content goes against, your previous history of violations and the number of strikes you have, your account may also be restricted or disabled.

What happens when your content is removed

We’ll let you know when something you posted goes against our Community Standards or Community Guidelines. Usually, this notice appears in your Feed when you log into Facebook or in your feed on Instagram. You can also find it in your Support Inbox on Facebook or Support Requests on Instagram.

We'll do our best to reference which part of our policies you didn't follow, and give a brief description of why we don’t allow the content, so you can avoid having other content removed in the future.

We occasionally make mistakes. If you believe we made a mistake by removing your content, you usually can let us know, and we'll take another look.

Takedown experience
Immediate notification

When someone posts something that doesn't follow our rules, we’ll tell them.

Additional context

We’ll also address common misperceptions and explain why we made the decision to enforce.

Policy Explanation

We’ll give people easy-to-understand explanations about the relevant rule.

Option for review

If people disagree with the decision, they can ask for another review and provide more information.

Final decision

We set expectations about what will happen after the review has been submitted.