How review teams are trained


JAN 19, 2022

In order to do their job, review teams undergo extensive training to ensure they have a strong grasp on our policies, the rationale behind our policies and how to apply our policies accurately. Here’s how it works.


Beyond what to expect on the job, reviewers learn about how to access resilience and well-being resources and how to connect with a professional when they need additional support.

Hands-on learning

Reviewers spend at least 80 hours in training with a live instructor. From there, they have hands-on practice using a facsimile of the review system, so they can apply what they’ve learned in a simulated environment. After this hands-on learning, reviewers get a report highlighting the areas where they apply our policies consistently and accurately and areas where they need more practice.

Ongoing coaching

To ensure they’re up-to-speed on the latest information, reviewers receive regular coaching, refresher sessions and policy updates.

Tools and resources for content review

Here are some of the tools reviewers use in their daily work:

  • Standardized access to the Facebook Community Standards, Instagram Community Guidelines and other resources.

  • Powerful search function within our Community Standards, Community Guidelines and training materials.

  • Standardized review layout for different types of reported content.

  • Customizable interface within the review tool.

  • Highlighting tool for slurs and dangerous organizations based on the region where the content is reviewed.

  • Tooltips that explain the definitions of certain words and how they should be used to inform decisions.