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Low Quality Events

What: Events on Facebook are for organizing and bringing people together at a specified time and place. This can be in-person, online, or both. In order to help people find Events that they would like to attend, we may limit the distribution of Events that contain any of the following attributes:

  • People are not able to attend the Event because it is missing key details such as time, location, and/or sign-up information;

  • People are not able to attend the Event because it proposes an impossible location or contains conflicting details, such as ticket date not matching the Event date;

  • The Event is hosted by an Account, Page, or Group, that shows signs of inauthentic behavior;

  • The Event page contains links that lead to Low Quality Browsing Experiences;

  • The Event demonstrates no intent for people to attend.

Why: People have told us they want to see Events they can actually attend and that are unlikely to create safety risks for our community or otherwise lead to bad experiences.