Oversight Board cases


FEB 22, 2024

The Oversight Board can hear content cases from either Meta directly or people on Facebook, Instagram, or Threads who disagree with Meta’s decisions.

How the board's decisions impact other content

Meta will implement the Oversight Board’s decision across identical content with parallel context, if it exists and when it is technically and operationally possible.

We’ll first use the decision to determine what constitutes identical content, such as another post using the same image that the board decided should be removed. We’ll then use the decision to define parallel context—for example, if the image is shared with the same sentiment. Part of this process involves reassessing the case content’s scope and severity based on the board’s decision.

Our Operations team will then investigate how the decision can be enforced consistently against other content on Facebook, Instagram, or Threads. There are some limitations for removing seemingly identical content, including when it’s similar but not similar enough for our systems to identify it. Through this process, our Operations team can ensure the board’s decision on one piece of content can be reflected across other content on Facebook, Instagram, or Threads.