Elon Musk Satire


MAR 7, 2024


We welcome the Oversight Board’s decision today, March 7, 2024, on this case which deals with a carousel of images posted to Instagram. One of the images depicts a fictional interaction between a user on X and the company’s owner, Elon Musk. In the depiction, the user made 5 false claims about the Ku Klux Klan, Adolf Hitler, LGBTQ+ people, pedophiles, and racial minorities. Underneath, Elon Musk’s account is depicted as posting the statement: “Let me look into that.” While the post depicts claims that, on their own, would violate our policies, their juxtaposition against Elon’s comment suggests that the post is satirical with a primary purpose of criticizing Musk.

Upon initial review, Meta removed this content for violating our Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy, as laid out in the Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines. However, after the Board brought the cases to our attention, we determined that we had removed the content in error and reinstated the post.

There will be no further updates to this case.