Crisis Policy Protocol


JAN 25, 2023

During moments of crisis, Meta assesses the risks of imminent harm both on and off of our platform so we can respond with specific policy and product actions that will help keep people safe. Our internal Crisis Policy Protocol (CPP) helps us do this work. We created it based on a recommendation from the Oversight Board as a way of strengthening our existing efforts in this area.

While Meta regularly reviews content that people post to assess whether or not it violates our policies, during crises the risks may be higher and different responses may become necessary, which we use the CPP to assess.

The internal CPP framework helps us balance the need to move quickly, while having a consistent global content policy response and allowing flexibility to adapt to quickly changing conditions. The CPP anticipates risks and is informed by past crises to make sure that key learnings are incorporated.

Protocol development included original research, and consultations with over 50 global external experts in national security, conflict prevention, hate speech, humanitarian response and human rights.

This policy was originally announced in August 2022.