Our approach to elections


NOV 27, 2023

Meta invests a huge amount of effort and resources to protect elections online — not just during election periods but at all times.

We have around 40,000 people working on safety and security for global elections, with more than $20 billion invested in teams and technology in this area since 2016.

Preventing interference

  • We stop millions of fake accounts every day before they are even created.

  • Our security teams investigate and take down coordinated networks of accounts, Pages, and groups that try to manipulate public debate.

  • We partner with governments, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits, civil rights groups, and other tech companies to stop emerging threats.

Fighting misinformation

  • We work with nearly 100 partners across 60 languages to fact-check what people post and provide context on misleading content.

  • We remove content that attempts to interfere with voting, such as incorrect voting information, and we remove calls for electoral violence.

  • We reduce the distribution of false news about elections so fewer people see it.

Increasing transparency

  • We require all political advertisers to verify their identify through an authorization process before they can buy ads.

  • We add “Paid for by” disclaimers to political and issue ads, and provide the owner and locations for political Pages and Groups.

  • We provide an Ads Library—a searchable database of all political and issue ads from the last 7 years—so you can see exactly what candidates are saying, who they’re targeting, and who paid for it.

Empowering people to vote

  • On Facebook and Instagram, through in-app notifications, we’re continuing to connect people with details about voter registration and elections.

  • Our Voting Information Center continues to be live on Facebook.