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Prescription Drugs

Ads may not promote prescription drugs without prior written permission.
The following entities are eligible to apply for permission from Meta: online pharmacies, telehealth providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Advertisers can learn how to apply here.
Ads may only promote prescription drugs in the following jurisdictions: United States, New Zealand and Canada.
Ads promoting prescription drugs must not be targeted to people under 18 years of age.


We allow ads that promote prescription drugs in order to share information around medical efficacy, accessibility and affordability of different types of treatments. At the same time, we know that laws and regulations vary across regions when it comes to promoting these products.

To reduce risks to consumers, we require eligible advertisers promoting prescription drugs to provide evidence that their activities are appropriately licensed. Online pharmacies, telehealth providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers must provide evidence that they are appropriately licensed or otherwise established as lawful in countries they want to target, and that they follow the applicable targeting guidelines, including only running ads in the countries in which they’re certified. Meta doesn’t allow targeting for prescription drugs to people under the age of 18.

Advertisers can check eligibility and request permission using this form.

Note: This policy governs only the promotion of prescription drugs. For more information about our policies prohibiting the sale of prescription drugs, see our Unsafe Substances policy. Meta prohibits the direct sale of prescription drugs across our technologies and partners with experts and industry groups to combat online illicit drug sales and opioid abuse.


Qualified advertisers with written permission from Meta can run ads that promote prescription drugs as long as they:

  • Only target people in eligible countries (United States, Canada or New Zealand)
  • Only target people in countries in which they are certified
  • Only target people 18 years or older

Advertisers don’t need written permission to run ads that:

  • Educate, advocate or give public service announcements related to prescription drugs
  • Promote telehealth services generally

Advertisers can’t run ads that:

  • Promote prescription drugs unless they have written permission from Meta; only target people in eligible countries (United States, Canada or New Zealand); only target people in countries in which they are certified; and only target people over the age of 18

For tips on how to comply with this policy, visit the Business Help Center.


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