Policy Forum Minutes


MAY 13, 2024

We take great care to craft policies that reflect input from a spectrum of different views and beliefs—in particular, those of people and communities that might otherwise be overlooked or excluded.

A meeting called the Policy Forum takes place on a regular basis where we discuss potential changes to our Community Standards, Community Guidelines, and Advertising Standards. At this meeting, subject matter experts from the Content Policy team propose adding new policies or amending existing ones. These potential policy changes are brought to the meeting only after a process of policy development that includes extensive engagement across a range of worldwide stakeholders and a review of external and internal research. These meetings help the team better understand broad perspectives on safety and voice and the impact of our policies on communities globally.

A variety of internal stakeholders also participate in the meetings. This includes team members from Safety and Cybersecurity Policy, Global Operations, Civil Rights and Human Rights, Legal, Communications, as well as counterterrorism specialists, product managers, and public policy leads.

Our policies evolve over time based on feedback from these meetings, input from external stakeholders, as well as changes in social norms, language, and product updates.

Following the Policy Forum meeting, the policy changes are prepared for implementation which takes time and actual launch dates vary. Once the policy is launched, we publish meeting minutes from the Policy Forum and note these changes in our CS, viewable in the Change Log: