News Regulations


JUL 18, 2023

Canada’s Online News Act

In response to the Online News Act, content from global news outlets, including news publishers and broadcasters, will not be available to people accessing Facebook and Instagram in Canada.

People in Canada will no longer view or share news on Facebook and Instagram, including news content posted by news outlets. In addition, people in Canada will no longer see links or content from any news outlet Pages or Accounts.

News outlet Pages/Accounts located in Canada will no longer see the content from their Page/Account. If they wish to view or edit their content, they can log into Meta Business Suite. News outlet Pages/Accounts, both inside and outside of Canada, will still be able to post news links and content; however, content will not be viewable in Canada. News outlet Pages/Accounts will continue to have access to advertising tools.

Meta’s review team identifies news outlets based on legislative definitions. News outlets include undertakings whose primary purpose is to produce news content, in any format (including an audio or audiovisual format), that reports on, investigates or explains current issues or events of public interest.

You can learn more about Meta’s position on Canada’s Online News Act here.