How Meta improves

Learn how Meta updates the Facebook Community Standards, measures results, works with others, engages with stakeholders and prioritizes content for review.

Updating our Community Standards

As the world changes, so do our Community Standards. Our Content Policy team consults with external stakeholders from around the globe to discuss potential updates.

Measuring results

Doing something is a good start, but it isn’t enough. That’s why we report enforcement metrics publicly so people can understand and track how we’re doing over time.

Working with others

We work with other social platforms and law enforcement to prevent harm online and offline.

Stakeholder engagement

We talk to stakeholders like civil society organizations, activist groups, thought leaders and academics to hear their expertise and feedback as we develop our Community Standards. Our Content Policy team integrates this feedback to help ensure inclusiveness, expertise and transparency throughout the policy development process.

Prioritizing content for review

As our technology improves, we can find and review the highest-severity content faster. These improvements help our review teams prevent more harm, more quickly.