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Online Pharmacies

Ads for online pharmacies are only allowed with prior written permission. Meta requires online pharmacies who wish to run ads to be certified with LegitScript.

Advertisers can apply for certification with LegitScript here. Advertisers can request permission from Meta using this form.


Online pharmacies include people, entities or websites that deliver, distribute or dispense controlled substances or prescription drugs by means of the internet. To reduce risks to consumers, we require advertisers promoting online pharmacies to provide evidence that their activities are appropriately licensed. To run ads for online pharmacies, advertisers will need to be certified with LegitScript and have written permission from Meta. Advertisers can apply for certification with LegitScript here and request permission from Meta using this form. Additionally, Meta doesn’t allow targeting for online pharmacies to people under the age of 18.


Certified advertisers can run ads that:

  • Promote the delivery, distribution or dispensing of prescription drugs to people 18 years or older, as long as the advertiser has received certification and written permission from Meta.

Note: Advertisers can only promote prescription drugs in the context of medical efficacy, affordability and accessibility.


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