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Jun 14, 2023

Account Authenticity

Advertisers must use authentic business assets to run ads across our technologies. If we find that an inauthentic user account, ad account, Page or Business Account was used to run ads, an advertiser may face advertising restrictions. Per Facebook’s Community Standards, we may restrict or remove inauthentic user accounts.


Accountability and transparency into who is running an ad is critical to the integrity of our ads ecosystem, and we want to support authentic connections between people and businesses. Therefore, we require that people use authentic business assets to run ads across our technologies.


Advertisers can’t:

  • Use inauthentic user accounts, Pages, ad accounts or Business Accounts to run ads across our technologies
  • Manage business assets that are associated with or connected to inauthentic assets, such as a Business Account with multiple linked ad accounts that were set up by inauthentic users
  • Create or use business assets by scripted or other inauthentic means

Learn more in the Business Help Center.


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