Widely Viewed Content Report: Changes, corrections, and adjustments


AUG 23, 2022

We summarize changes we’ve made to the Widely Viewed Content Report and detail any specific adjustments we’ve made to our data methodology.

08/2022: Minor clarifications in the Companion Guide

This quarter we made the following changes:

  • We added clarifying details to the 'Considerations' section of the Companion Guide regarding the types of improvements we periodically make to our data pipelines.

05/2022: Included a list of Links & Domains that rendered a preview in Feed and updated what we share about removed content in the report

This quarter we made the following changes:

  • We started transitioning our data methodology we use in the Links and Domain sections of the report. To that end, this report contains two lists of Links and Domains— one with the old methodology and one with the new one. The Companion Guides was also updated to share details about the old and new data methodology. Beginning with our next report, we will report using only the new methodology.

  • We updated what we share about removed content. We aim to share as much context about the most widely viewed content on our platform as possible, including the content we removed and the reasons for its removal.

03/2022: Clarified data methodology in Companion Guide & updated how we refer to Feed

This quarter we made the following changes:

  • We updated the WVCR and Companion Guide to reflect how we refer to Feed.

  • We further clarified difference between content viewers and content views in the Companion Guide.

11/2021: Improved email address filtering from link data & added new sections

This quarter we made the following changes:

  • We made changes to our data pipelines to fix a bug where email addresses were sometimes mistaken for links. This may have increased the number of content viewers reported on domains, and links from domains, that are from common email providers in our previous reports.

  • We added a "Data Methodology" section to the Companion Guide. The new section provides more detail on the processes and decisions that went into producing the Widely Viewed Content Report.

  • We added a "Previous Reports Archive" section to the Widely Viewed Content Report. The new section lets people download PDF copies of prior reports.

  • We changed the text of some of our sections for clarity. Most notably, we reformatted our “What kinds of posts people see on News Feed" section to make it easier to understand what the typical News Feed looks like, and updated each category introduction to provide succinct context and highlight how data points have changed from the previous quarter.

  • We changed the way we share that content is unavailable in the report to indicate whether it was due to a Facebook or user action.